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Ford Focused - Why Ford Leasing Is The Way To Go


With so many car brands on the market, picking the right one to lease can be difficult; especially if you are not one of the many gear/motor/petrol heads out there. After performing our own data-driven research and knowing what we know after years of leasing cars to experts, novices and everyone in between, we deducted that Ford are one of the best choices for car leasing. 

There are many reasons why Ford leasing is such a great option, from the state-of-the-art technology which will keep you and your passengers safe, to their history of pioneering designs which means you will be doing it in style. As a jack of all trades and even a master of a few, if you are still not sold on them, allow us to change your mind.

Why choose a Ford Personal Lease?

Safety - When choosing a car, safety should always be a priority and it often is when we discuss requirements with our customers. Regardless of whether you need it for long or short journeys, Ford is known for its fantastic safety ratings, thanks to its modern and innovative safety features. For some of the newer Ford models, these include rear inflatable seatbelts, roll stability control, emergency brake assist, curve control, tyre pressure monitoring and many, many more. While we stand by the safety levels of all the cars we lease, we stand by Ford just a little more and you can find out why by looking here. 

Design – Ford cars have an unmistakable style that provides a bold and dynamic road presence, with certain models even becoming an icon of their decade; look no further than the Ford Mustang that Steve McQueen commands in the 60’s classic Bullitt. Whatever model you choose, whether it is an all new Ford Fiesta or the Ford Edge 4x4, you can be sure that you will get a smooth, stylish car that perfectly balances luxury with power. Their designs are always at the forefront of invention and innovation, paving the way for modern cars the world over.


Under the Bonnet – Regardless of which car you take when Ford leasing, you can be sure that you will be wielding a powerful and eco-friendly engine. Whether it runs on diesel or petrol, a Ford car will always provide you with a fast, reliable and modern engine that offers a smooth and enjoyable ride. The technology under the bonnet of a Ford car is also truly something to behold. The combination of reliable, sophisticated components mixed with modern, hi-tech design will provide you with a vehicle that is not only exciting to drive but also genuinely dependable. 

Comfort – Ford understand that your journey from A to B should be as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible. Even when considering their sport style cars, comfort is never exchanged for speed and that pleasure is never compromised. That is why Ford car leasing provides you with something you may not have experienced before; a vehicle that combines the fun of a sports car with the comfort of a 4x4. While the exteriors of these have become so iconic, the interior is always extremely spacious and beautifully crafted with micrometre precision to maximise your enjoyment.

The Future of Ford and Ford Leasing

While they like to keep their plans for the future as secret as they can, our reliable sources say that they will be focusing more on plug-in hybrid electrics. At the start of 2017, Ford announced plans to spend $4.5 billion to produce 13 electrified vehicle models. Although short term plans are to focus on the hybrid car, we believe the long term plans for Ford are to build all-electric vehicles to help protect the environment. 

"As a transitional technology, plug-in hybrids make a lot of sense," Ford said. "If you drive in a daily commute, lets say in San Francisco all week, you could be on your electric battery and never tap into your internal combustion engine. But if you wanted to go to Los Angeles for the weekend, you could do that too without any range anxiety. So I think that's a very interesting transitional technology, particularly for people where it is their only vehicle." 

Other car manufacturers can provide certain features, but if you choose to go with Ford leasing then you will get a car that boasts all of the features you need and all of the features you want. From top of the range safety features to ultra sporty design, Ford cars will continue to impress and inspire people all over the world. 

For more information on car leasing, or for some personalised Ford lease deals, we can be contacted on 01707 874 832 or you can email us at

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