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Ford Focus ST-Line

The new Ford Focus ST-Line features eye-catching style, intelligent features and a dynamic driving experience. Its sculpted exterior and luxurious interior is the perfect balance between sport and sophistication. The new ST-Line has been designed to have a much stronger road presence than its predecessors. Bold, powerful, yet graceful, this car offers a truly unique driving experience. Ford have always had a reputation for developing reliable and safe cars and the ST-Line is no exception, which is why it received a prestigious 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating. Some of the safety features include hill start assist, emergency brake assist, traction control and a tyre pressure monitor. A car created with a combination of safety and sport not only offers the driver an exciting drive but also a reliable and smooth one.

Intelligent Technology
The Ford Focus ST-Line has an impressive array of modern, intelligent features, all there to make your drive easier, safer and much more enjoyable. For starters, this model includes the latest hands-free technology, Ford SYNC 2, which is controlled seamlessly via the drivers voice. Paired up with an 8-inch touchscreen display, this feature not only listens to your commands, but can also help you navigate your way down unknown roads, meaning you never need to be lost again. Another feature that this Ford boasts is one that once you experience it, you will not know how you went this long without it, the Active Park Assist. This highly impressive technology is able to easily steer you into the tightest of gaps and even help you pull out. Taking a lot of stress out of your drive, this feature is just one of the many ways Ford have made driving fun again.Nothing is more intelligent than a car that actually reads your driving behaviour, it may sound like science fiction, but in the new ST-Line this is now a reality thanks to a feature called Driver Alert. It has been designed to detect any changes in your driving that could be caused by fatigue. It then alerts you of the possible danger and suggests you may need to take a break.

Safety in mind
Fords main focus has always been the safety of its passengers and keeping that in mind, the Focus ST-Line has an incredible amount of impressive safety features. Briefly mentioned earlier, this line has powerful and innovative braking assistance technology. If you are travelling over 30mph then the Active Braking system uses Radar to scan the road ahead, detecting possible collision risks and warning you about them. If you are travelling under 30mph, then there is a separate braking assistance feature to help, called the Active City Stop. No matter what speed you are travelling, Ford have designed a car that helps keep you safe by utilising the most modern technology around. Not just this, but the Ford Focus ST-Line also comes with ‘Blind Spot’ technology to help make changing lanes easier and safer. Radar sensors within the car scan possible blind spots around you and alert you if there is any possible danger. Other features designed to make your journey as safe as possible include; distance indication, lane keeping system, traffic sign recognition and headlights which automatically dip from full beam when oncoming cars are detected.

Stylish Exterior
The Ford Focus ST-Line is unmistakable on the road thanks to its superb style, bold presence and intricate detailing. A new grille, streamlined rear lights and a rear spoiler all help to make this car stand out from the crowd. The shape and style of this model clearly has a strong sports influence but also boasts an elegance and grace that simply can’t be matched. The combination of agility and luxury is done to perfection, making for the kind of enjoyable drive that turns heads, wherever you go. Sleek, stylish and sporty, the Ford Focus ST-Line has everything you could want, from outside to inside.

Luxurious Interior
The interior of the Ford Focus ST-Line is spacious, comfortable and modern. Completely redesigned, the interior makes perfect use of every possible storage area without compromising on space and comfort. Packed with the latest onboard technology, all within easy reach, this car has been designed for comfort and pleasure. With large front sports seats, your journey will be smooth and effortless, no matter how long the journey, making for a truly stress-free drive. Equipped full of useful features, such as; full air conditioning, leather multi-function steering wheel, voice control, six-speed gearbox, safe storage and ambient lighting, this model offers everything you could possibly want.

The Ford Focus ST-Line has the appearance of a modern, sports style car, but does this deliver as it should on performance? The answer is yes. It is clear that when this was being developed a huge focus was on engine technology. It is clear to see that the designers understand how performance and efficiency are just as important, if not more important, than appearance. With so many cars out there that talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, it is truly refreshing to find one that actually does. Thanks to its 1.5l/1.0l EcoBoost petrol engine and 1.5l TDCi diesel engine, the Focus ST-Line supplies the driver with power, high-performance and energy efficiency. An all new engine delivers great performance whilst keeping emissions low, for example, the 1.0l EcoBoost engine offers sub-100 g/km CO2 emission and the 1.5l engine has been downsized from 1.6l to provide more efficient fuel economy, whilst not compromising on power and agility. The developers at Ford have also implemented a new and advanced way of maximising cornering. The Torque Vectoring Control feature cleverly balances engine torque between the front wheels to perfectly suit an array of road conditions and surfaces. This impressive technology operates at 100 times a second meaning it is 33 times faster than the blink of an eye, allowing for ultra-precise handling and grip.

The Ford Focus ST-Line has an array of wonderful features, ranging from technology able to improve driving safety to a self-driving computer, all of which make this model a complete pleasure to drive. Smooth, comfortable and efficient, the new Focus ST-Line truly offers a wonderful driving experience for anyone, anywhere.

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Posted on 23rd March 2017 at 10:43 AM

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